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Pinoy box is a page which contains Filipino inside and insights. It show's great filipino style, fashion and events.

        I'd just like to start off by saying that our culture is not damaged, contrary to what many Filipinos in the Philippines or Filipinos overseas might believe, the only thing that is damaging is the miseducation of Filipinos about their own history that results in a damaged viewpoint of the beauty of their own culture.

Philippine Fashion Icons

There are several known fashion icons in the Philippines. Usually these people have a high profile status, hence, they are constantly being watched by the media.

Fashion is defined as a form of art. It is a way where you can express yourself through the clothes you wear, your accessories and your make-up. Although in fashion its main preoccupation is clothes and how to look good in the eyes of other people.

There are fashions that fade shortly in time, which are called fads. Do not be a victim of the fashion fad because it is just waste of time and money. In order for you to be stylish and fashionable, you must know how to pick timeless classics with elegance and sophistication.

In the Philippines some of the people who are considered Fashion icons exude charisma and unique individual styles. They have their way of showing to the world that their best through their choice in fashion. People tend to look up to them for advice on fashion to the point of copying their trademark look and the way they dress.

In order for you to find your own personal style, experts would suggest to look deep within yourself and find the pieces that you can be comfortable and attractive. In the end a person who is stylish, fashionable and sophisticated are those people who are true to themselves because they have expressed it through fashion.

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